On Rainy days I like to..(ec)

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It is a rainy day today. And I’m not much a fan of rainy days-although I have many fond memories associated with them. However, when it is cold and rainy all I want to do is sleep and watch TV. It very much serves as an energy zapper.. I hate running errands in the rain..the constant getting in and out of the car in the rain. But if it is warm and rainy then I love it. Perhaps some of my favorite times are in the summer when it is warm and raining and you can go play in the puddles or run through the raindrops.. (I’ll admit, I’m still very much a kid in this area:) ) I love to play in the puddles. And I love the smell of summer rain.. I also like to read on rainy days..or get caught up on whatever I am behind on..

Just a thought..

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