Epic List

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Sky Dive
Write a book
Have a successful blog
Travel to Africa
Change the world
Visit California
Gain 10 pounds
Get my PhD
Graduate with a 3.8 GPA
Get married
Have a friend who is famous
Go see the New York Ballet Company perform
Visit Ireland and Italy
Attend an Award’s show
Buy an electric car
Live by myself for one year
Move somewhere completely new
Overcome my fear of water
Go to Disney World
Be an extra in a movie
Memorize a whole book of the Bible
Learn to dance
Fall in love
See an opera at the Sydney Opera House
Ride an Elephant
Travel to Rome
Start a Non-Profit
Adopt a child
Learn to swim
Run a marathon
Finish a triathlon
Finish an Olympic distance triathlon
Learn a new language
Go to Chicago
Go one month without buying anything
Ride my bike across the US
Live for a week with a zero carbon footprint
Backpack through Europe
See all the Wonders of the World
Get Lasik
Land my Dream Job
Figure out what my dream job is
Become a minimalist
Open a coffee shop
Eat nothing that’s been processed for a month
Have a pet duck
Fund a safe house
Attend a TED Conference
Make friends that I have never met
Go to the Olympics
Worship with believers in a non-religiously free country
Climb a mountain
Mentor abused girls
Flip a house
Have 4 kids
Be a foster mom
Take a writing class
Swim in all the oceans
Run a Half-Marathon
Hike the Great Wall of China
See the Northern Lights
Take surfing lessons
Swim with Dolphins
*It’s a ¬†work in progress


5 thoughts on “Epic List

  1. Hello Amanda,
    I’m a One Lifer too and was reading some of your posts here on your blog. LOVE “the list” and am inspired to compile one of my own. (or put the one in my head down in print.)


  2. I might be able to help you with that pet duck on your list! I work with your mom, and there are some duck eggs in the incubator….
    I recommend keeping ducklings no longer than two weeks, unless you have a proper environment for them in your yard. They are REALLY messy!

  3. Come visit us in Breckenridge this summer and I’ll help you cross this one off your list!! Must must must!
    “Climb a mountain”

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