I Love Being Alone

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I Love Being Alone..

I realized that tonight as I headed off to the mall for some shopping. I got paid on Friday and for once had some money, which I should be saving for Christmas but oh well. I went alone, and didn’t really have any desire to call someone to go with me. Plus I couldn’t think of anyone to call. I just walked around the mall, going where I wanted and looking at what I wanted. My mom eventually showed up, but I really enjoyed just shopping alone. I normally like to do stuff alone..I think it’s one of those things I have acquired after many Friday and Saturdays nights spent waiting for someone to call and invite me to do something. I finally decided since sitting at home was no fun..I might as well go do something. Even if it is with me myself and I. Don’t think I’m throwing a pity party for myself either, I truly enjoy doing stuff alone. Although, I would never turn down an offer to hang out with my friends. I drove there and home with my cd blaring, singing at the top of my lungs..something I could never do with another human being in car. And I had a blast! I had worked all day and don’t have much homework this weekend. Oh stink..I just remembered we have a Trig test on Monday..darn it. Ah well, I had fun tonight regardless. So don’t ever be afraid to hang out with yourself..and you could always call me up:)

I’m out..