God’s Will

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For once in my life I think I have figured out what God’s will is for me..I truly believe He wants me at USI. He’s opened so many doors, and provided so many opportunities as well as given me a peace about I haven’t know in a long time..so why am I still wondering and dreading it? Why am I not jumping up and down for joy and praising God for His goodness and faithfulness? Why am I scared to call my roommate? Why do I dread the thought of making new friends and leaving my current ones?

Because I am scared and selfish. I don’t want to make new friends, I don’t want to leave my bubble, I don’t want to think about life without Adam. But is that what God wants-no!! I know He has great and amazing plans in store for me if I will let Him have total control of my life. Even if that means going to Evansville. Perhaps my friends here will forget me and perhaps I will be homesick and have trouble making friends or fitting in–but in light of eternity does any of that matter? I have to be honest and say no–what matters is my minstry and where I can be most effective..and for me that is Evansville. I will keep in touch with my friends..and I will make new ones. And if Adam and I are meant to be then 4 hours won’t be a big deal. God works all things out to the good of His children and I just need to learn to trust in Him.

So I will enjoy the summer with my friends here and in Aug. move down south with an excited and expectant attitude. I honestly can’t wait to see what God has in store for me!! Will it be hard? You bet..but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.:)

Just a thought..