Coach basketball?

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Sure! Why not? No one else is ever going to ask me to coach a sport, which is perhaps wise-but while I am here, I might as well take the opportunity! I really like coaching. Its so much fun to work with students in an environment where they have chosen to be there vs. a classroom setting where they are forced to be there.

So the fourth grade teacher and I are helping coach the junior high girls basketball team. I should say, she is coaching, I am helping and together we sorta have some knowledge on the sport. I can’t play it, but I understand somewhat how it should be played. And the girls on our team are very much beginner players so we have lots of room for improvement!  Its actually really fun. Yesterday, by the 15th time we had gone over blocking out, they started to get it! We will see what happens in the game today, but I am proud of them for trying. I just have to figure out how to get a little aggression out of them.  But we will get better and perhaps we can squeeze in a win somewhere in the season. Regardless, they have a lot of spirit to play and to try and to often, be very humbled by their opponents.

So go SCS Junior high girls! They are winners in my book!