See Ya Later

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I HATE saying good-bye and I have done my fair share of it lately.

And I promised I would blog this week so while I am not sure how many people read this, I figured I should follow through.

Sadly this is not the post most were hoping for.

In the past two and a half weeks, my life has changed in almost every way imaginable. Some of those changes were anticipated, but some caught me completely off guard. They have all left me feeling very frustrated, overwhelmed, depressed, lonely, and often like an utter and complete failure. While I realize this is hard to understand, as I have been trying to process through all of it, I just haven’t felt like myself or like writing.

Thus for the time being I am saying see ya. Not good-bye, just see ya later! If you want to be the first to know when I am back at blogging sign up to get my updates or find me on Twitter. Until then best of luck and enjoy your summer. (although I hope to be back at writing long before summer is over!)