The Longest Monday of My Life

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Thanks to the world being round, my Monday will officially last 38 hours. That is almost how much people work in a week, but instead of working 5 days, I will spend one very very long day traveling.

Here is how my 38 hour Monday will look:

Wake up 3:30am. Take quick shower and say good-bye to Anna. (probably a very tearful one!)

4:00am. Head to Saipan Airport. It will take me about 5 minutes to check in which leaves me 1 hr and 55 mins to sit in a tiny airport. Dumb airport regulations.

I will then spend the next 30 hours flying/sitting in airports to reach my final destination-Indiana!!

My stops will include Tokyo, San Francisco, and Minneapolis.

It will not be night for the entire 30 hours. Talk about weird. 30 hours of daytime.

Finally arrive home at 10:15 pm Monday. Same day that I left and  by the clock only 16 hours later.

Waiting for me-my amazingly wonderful parents and my super awesome boyfriend 😉

Three words: BRING IT ON!