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First off, I apologize for the lack of blogging lately. My schedule has gotten a bit ridiculous as of late. A master’s degree and a full-time job are plenty to keep me busy, but add a relationship, an extra grant writing class, trying to get a paper published, a volunteer project at the YWCA, an avid exercise program, church, trying to fundraise for my Myanmar trip, occasionally a social event and well, I feel accomplished if I have eaten three meals that day!


However, it’s October 26th and in a little over two months, I will be getting on a plane and flying a VERY long way to Myanmar.  And so a little update and a little plea for help:)


I am getting so excited. I chose Myanmar as part of my topic for a huge research paper I have to write this semester and I am learning a lot about this beautiful country. God is also continually breaking my heart over the injustices so prevalent in our world. I cannot wait to go, to see, and to learn.  However, to go I need to get my trip fully funded. So here’s the deal:


I need to raise $1000 in the next month. (I actually think I need it by next Saturday, but I get a little grace since I started late) The drop dead date to have all my funds in is December 1. I am saving my money and will be able to cover whatever I do not raise, but I also have to cover a week of unpaid vacation while I am gone and sadly, bills do not take vacations. So here is what looks it:


1 Person @ $1000

2 People @ $500

4 People @ $250

10 People @ $100

20 People @ $50

100 People @ $10


It’s a big number, but I serve a bigger God. And while I am tempted to get discouraged, I know I am supposed to go on this trip. So I am asking you to please consider donating something towards my trip. (Hey, you can write it off on your taxes!)  It’s really easy-you can either use the link below to make an online donation or email me here with your address and I will send you a letter with an envelope to mail in a check.


I covet your prayers and your support! I will keep you updated over the next month with my support raising. For those of you who have already graciously donated, I am overwhelmingly thankful and blessed.


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