Inspiration from One Dress Protest :)

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Wear the same dress everyday for a year.

Fight the tides of consumerism and materialism and status quo for a whole year.

Endure questions and ridicule and praise and media attention.

Inspire, challenge, and motivate others to do the same.

Meet Kristy Powell and her One Dress Protest.
Not only is she an amazing person, who took on an incredible challenge, she is a sister in Christ and an astounding role model.  
For the past few weeks I have been really convicted over my habits, my desires, and my thoughts about fashion, and clothing and have been really challenged to think differently about my role in this crazy, mixed up world and the endless cycle of fashion. But when conviction and challenge end with happy thoughts, you might as well never have thought about them in the first place. Great thoughts, while needed, are never going to change the world. It is only in turning those thoughts into action that change is bred.
Therefore, I have committed for the rest of lent to join her in her fast from fashion.
However, it is not just about wearing the same dress everyday. It is about debunking the lies I have bought into about who I am, what I must wear, how I should look, and what I should have.  It is about leaving who I used to be in the dust and embracing who I am becoming. It is about living out the passion that for so long has been pent up inside. It is about becoming who I was created to be. It is about being a voice and speaking up. It is about saying “No more.”
So join me on this journey to live life to its fullest, kick the status quo to the curb, and spend the next 6 weeks in one little black dress!

One thought on “Inspiration from One Dress Protest :)

  1. I am so glad to have you along this journey with me. And your "what this is about" paragraph at the end is so incredibly exciting to me!

    Can't wait to read more (please let me know when you've posted more about your experience of one dress protesting through lent)!

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