My Dad Is An Ironman!

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(You get two today! and a promise I will pick up the blog pace!)

My dad completed his first ever Ironman today! Oh how I wish I could have been there, but thanks to modern technology I was able to follow him the whole race and sorta see him cross the finish line. I can’t not explain you how nervous I was. My dad has been talking about this for years and been actually training for the past year. It all came down to this. I knew that short of something medically going wrong, he would finish, but man, my nerves were all a tangled mess and I watched intently on the little blue arrow that was my dad travel across the 140.6 mile course. As soon as I knew he crossed the finish line, there was this overwhelming sense of relief and pride that came over me. I have always thought my dad could do anything. He has always been my hero-and today he did something that not a whole lot of people can say they have done. Complete an Ironman in under 14 hours!!! Oh man, the cheers ran high-thank goodness he finished over my lunch or my students might have thought I went crazy! So I can officially say my dad is an Ironman..and I am getting a shirt that says that:) and while I am so sad I missed out on the actual event, I know that he knew how much I was cheering for him and that Saipan is where I am supposed to be. Plus, they took lots of pictures and I got a review of it from him just over an hour after the race!
I love you dad! Way to go!

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