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A beautiful love song written from God to us by one of my new favorite bands.. Connersvine.

It seems Your fixed forever
In a world so close to here
though I see you running from me
The more you run the more your near
Cause I was there in the beginning
And I will be there in the end
With a heart that’s beating for you
And a love that wants to mend

Can you feel my love arising
falling down from up above
Can you see my heart’s horizon
Can you feel my hunger love
When the world has left you lonely
and you’ve finally had enough
you’ll know my feet are running
running for my hunger love

Let me show you perfect passion
Let me take you far away
From a life without direction
Where you’ve played it safe
Welcome to the days of danger
Risk and security
Where love will change your nature
If you will just believe

Can you feel my love
Can you taste my love
Feel My love
Taste My love

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