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So I am slowly turning into a hippie. Well, in a sense.. I have been reading a lot about the environment and global warming and the “doom” we are facing according to scientists and have decided that there is not enough Christian influence on this issue. We of all people should be the first to take care of the environment. It is God’s creation and our duty to take care of it. (Genesis 1:1) I believe that if change does not happen, life as we know it will never be the same. The creatures that point so powerfully to God’s handiwork are slowly going extinct and the rainforests and lakes and oceans are becoming polluted and being torn down for man’s selfish pleasures. So I think Christians need to be the ones to bring about the change. No, I’m not saying we all turn into tree-huggers, but I am saying that each of us should take a deep look into our lives and see where we could make changes. Can you start recycling? How about purchasing some environmentally friendly grocery bags to avoid using the plastic ones? (see www.envirosax.com ) Or ride your bike or walk? (my one requirement for grad school location it that I can ride my bike instead of drive). Or how about encouraging our youth to explore science and the environment? How awesome would it be for Christians to bring about a Green Revolution because we starting caring more about God’s creation? What kind of testimony would that be to the rest of the world?

There is plenty of talk about evolution and how bad things will get without change. It’s time for us to become part of the talk and part of the change.

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