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So my high school career is over! I am officially a graduate of Faith Christian School-I have joined the ranks of 125 allumi! As I embark on a new journey and time in life, I must say I will miss deeply the chapter I have just closed. See, my class is the best group of people you will ever meet! They are 34 of the most amazing people I know and I will deeply miss their influence in my life and their daily laughs, smiles, and words of encouragement. It was a bitter sweet day! I am so excited to be done with high school. Like a wise now college sophomore told me-“it’s so much better on the other side!” But I can’t express how much I will miss my class. These people have helped shaped me into the person I am. They have offered countless words of advice, opportunities to grow, and times to look back on with laughter and tears. And then there is my family-those 3 people in my life who I can always count on. They have given up so much of themselves and allowed me to do so much in high school-I honestly don’t know what I will do next year without them. and my church-I love my church. I love the people there, my pastors, and my youth leaders. They will be hard shoes to fill in whatever church I find down in Evansville. But before you think I am totally dreading college-I am so excited!!! I can’t wait to make new friends, gather new experiences, grow up a little, and learn the joys and woes of being a college freshman! Hopefully I will still be this excited come August! Overall, the past four years have been amazing and I am sure some of the best in my life. Graduation was a day I looked forward to and a day I will never forget–I mean who could forget a graduation that lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. 🙂 I will continue to write as I enter a new chapter in my life. I am so excited and thankful to all those faithful who still read my blog! I love you all!

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  1. i pray that the Lord guides you through this very trying period in your life. after i graduated i had a number of "hard" years until i found Jesus. your site is an inspiration to me and one of my friends. god speed woman!

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