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For homecoming the cheerleaders are teaching the 4th-6th grade girls a cheer to perform. (although no 6th graders showed up) anyways, we are teaching them the first cheer we ever learned. As I showed them the motions and watched them struggling through it, I was reminded of when I first learned that cheer. I looked just like them-not understanding what I was supposed to do and how in the world I was going to get my arms to move that way. Now it’s as natural as talking. I thought about how sometimes we struggle in an area for awhile, but then we think we’ve mastered it so we let our guards down. We stop thinking about making our motions stiff to put it in cheerleading lingo. We figure that since we don’t struggle so much anymore, we don’t need to keep working on it and we move on. Sadly, that seems to be when we get in the most trouble. All of a sudden, we get out to do a floor cheer and we completely forget the first 5 motions. Or we get in a situation and completely fall to whatever we were struggling with. But I also saw determination on the faces of those girls-and excitement. They are no where near perfect, but man, they think it’s so cool. And I guarantee you they will go home and practice. God’s been teaching me a lot about that lately..and it was a reminder today. It was like He was saying, See how hard they are working..why do you slack off after you think you got it? Since reality is, I don’t have it nor am I anywhere close. Yeah, I may master a cheer..but in my spiritual life I must constantly be on the guard. “For your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion seeking who He may devour.” I Pet. 5:8

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