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I love my dad so much..He has always been there for me. I can’t ever remember a time when he turned his back, or walked out, even if I had failed him. He’s been my biggest fan and supporter since day one. And also been there to dry my tears. When I was little, we had our little rituals that are etched in my mind. I can remember countless Christmas’ sitting around the tree reading stories, watching the lights flicker around the room. I can remember every spring the flowers he would bring me before my ballet recitals. He never failed. And although he was gone a lot, he always made sure he was home that night. I remember the excitement of him coming home after a three week business trip..I love yous’ said over the phone just aren’t the same. I remember all the times he told my mom how much he loved her, and all the times I caught them in each others’ arms. He promised me he would never leave her, and I have trusted him with my whole heart. I can remember so many times crawling into his arms after a bad day, a break-up, or just to say I love you. He’s always been there. He cheered me on in basketball, even though I never played that great. He supported me in cross country, and always wanted to see me to my best. I remember falling into his arms after a horrible meet and just crying. He told me, “Amanda, your a fighter, and you’ll do better next time” He was never disappointed in me, no matter how good or bad I did. He was there when I got my driver’s license. I remember all the movies we went to see, the ones mom thought were too bloody. We have always had the same movie tastes, which has brought many memories. He has always pushed me to succeed in everything, and to do my best. He has always had faith in me and knows I will fulfill all my dreams if I put my mind to it. I have a ring on my finger as a constant reminder of his love, and 6 journals that all begin with letters from him.

He’s always been there..and I will always love him no matter what.

I love you daddy!

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