The Room Suddenly Became Quiet

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The Room Suddenly Became Quiet

The room suddenly became quiet as Mr.Grass came over the loudspeaker saying he had a very important annoucement. Usually Mr.Grass’ important annoucements were about people he needed to see or something we needed to improve on, however this day was different. The tone in his voice was different, more concerned and shaky. There was something terribly wrong. As he started, he explained that one of the twin towers had been hit by a plane. Our biology class was silent. A very rare thing in my class, but that day you could have heard a pin drop. He continued telling us the events that had thus far transpired, as of about 9:00. The mood was suddenly different, everyone was quiet. Mr.Grass asked us to take a moment to pray for our nation and those who had already lost their lives. As we tried to continue throughout our normal class, everyone was a bit more solemn. In algebra 2, Mr.Harmless told us the other tower had been hit and the pentagon. By the end, both towers had collasped. I think that was probably one of the very few times my class actually got dead quiet, but I think we all realized the seriousness of this event. As the events continued to unfold, they seemed to be awful. Who would want to do this against our nation? President Bush came on tv that night, and the entire congress was silent, as probably the rest of the people watching him. God has blessed our nation, and we must continue to pray for those who lost loved ones on that day.

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