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I am going!!!  Please read below for all the details:)

Dear friends and family,


I hope this letter brings with it some cooler weather and finds you healthy, happy, and enjoying all the wonderful things fall has to offer! Some of you, I talk to and see every day and some of you are constantly in my thoughts despite distance and schedules separating our ability to communicate daily.  Life has changed a lot over the past several years, and I am about to embark on a new exciting adventure!

Four years ago this time, I was sending out a similar letter in preparation for a trip to Africa. I was getting ready to graduate college and anxious for my 2 months in Africa. Those two months changed my life and I have since taught English as a Second Language on the other side of the world, jumped out of a plane, watch my little brother get married, and tackled a full-time job and graduate school. In the midst of all of that, God brought me face to face with the issue of human trafficking. The knowledge I have gained through study and conferences has motivated me to act. The first step-heading off on a two-week trip to a small Southeast Asian country called Myanmar.

The organization I will be going with is Uncharted International. As time progresses, Uncharted hopes to be actively involved in fighting and preventing human trafficking. As I hope to get more involved, I know that the first step for me is to go. I want to meet the orphans in our orphanages. Talk to leaders. And see this beautiful country for myself.

So in the midst of perhaps what I would feel is poor timing, I feel God calling me to trust Him and make plans to travel to Myanmar with a team from Uncharted International January 5-17,2013. The total cost of the trip will be $3,000 and I am a little behind on the support raising.  I believe we were supposed to have $1,700 in last Saturday! But they are willing to work with me and I am committed to trusting God for those funds.

If you would be willing to partner with me spiritually or financially as I continue this journey, I would be honored.  While the number seems daunting to me, I serve a God who is bigger than $3,000. I will be sending most of you letters, but if you want to be included in that list send me an email through here with your address and I will put one in the mail!!



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