Folks, We Have A Pantry

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My Farmhouse Friday updates have been basically nonexistent because there has been nothing to report. I joked the other day I feel like the house is going backwards not forwards because on top of the mile long to-do list of projects, we have 3 messy humans living in it, one of which is zero help in cleaning it up. He certainly knows how to make a mess though and has started a lovely habit of throwing his food everywhere when he is done eating. But I digress.

This update is to say there is indeed an update. After a month, we have a pantry. I know this is a small victory, but when my pantry has been our dining room table since we moved in and I have spent the last month trying to keep toddler hands from grabbing all the crackers and spilling all the bread crumbs everywhere, having a pantry with doors that close is glorious. I also feel like our house got instantly cleaner because there is now an entire space empty! I unpacked a few more boxes of random non-perishables and decided I must have gone through a phase in which I planned to make a ton of meals with diced tomatoes because I have about 8 cans of them.

This house has taught me a very important lesson. Progress takes time. And while the time is tough, it causes growth and makes the final product so much more worthwhile. I can assure you I would not be as excited about a pantry if it had come with the house. But because it took time and energy and the thoughtfulness of my sweet husband, I love it. We are also getting closer to actually being able to have company over which makes me oh so excited!!

I included two pictures for you-one, the Pinterest pin that inspired us and two, the actual pantry J created. He did a pretty good job turning my idea into reality especially given the weird shape of the closet we used (it’s under the stairs).  Eventually we may rip up the nasty carpet and do something different with the floor, but for now I am just thankful my canned goods have a home other than the middle of my dining room table.