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There is just something about the end of the year and the beginning of a new one that stirs giddy excitement in my heart. I love the hope of a new year, new chances, and a new start.  I also love reflecting on the past, the lessons learned, the triumphs, and the trials.  So take a minute to pause and reflect on your past year and indulge me for a minute while I reflect a little on mine.

This was a busy year full of changes, growth, and new opportunities.  Oh, and a new name!   This time last year, I was in the very middle of planning a wedding, tying together all sorts of details and trying very hard to control my excitement and stress.  The rest of the year was a ride of faith, excitement, and lots of changes. I can pretty easily narrow them down to two big changes defining the past year of my life.

Big Change #1- Marriage.  No one can really prepare you for the adventure of marriage. Sure, we read books and went through pre-marital counseling and financial peace university (all of which I HIGHLY recommend), but then we stood at the altar and said “I do.”  With those two words, everything changed. My name, my identity, my address, my schedule… for someone who doesn’t particularly love change, it’s been an adjustment at times. We have had to learn how to share a home, navigate families, job changes, and we added the most adorable, loving lab to the mix.  A day has not passed in the last 9 months where I have questioned my decision. In fact, Jordan proves to me over and over just how truly blessed I am to have him as my partner in life.  His support, love, and care have been there through the highs and lows of this year and I cannot wait for many, many more to spend together.

Big Change #2- Ministry.   I hinted to this at the beginning of the year and by December, the dream and vision had become a reality.  I convinced three other dear ladies we needed to love on the women in our local sex industry in a pretty radical way.  Their support, partnership, and friendship has been a constant throughout this year. It has not been without difficulties and I have had to fall on my knees in prayer in order to keep moving forward.  All I can say as I look back is “all to the glory of God.” I simply followed a vision and as I cast my heart, other people have gotten on board.  It has been scary. It has been exciting, And most of all, it has been a front row seat to watching God move.  I cannot wait to see what the new year holds and I am very thankful I know the One who holds the world in His hands. Check out to learn more!


The big changes have caused me to learn to depend on God and to ask for help. I am learning I cannot do this alone and including others sometimes brings about the greatest joy. I have learned friends can come from the unlikeliest of places and hard times can bring about the greatest blessings. I have also been blessed with an amazing new family who has welcomed me in and never makes me feel like the in-law. 2014 was truly a year for the record books.

Hope your year was truly amazing as well! Happy New Year! 🙂

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