Global Leadership Summit Day 1 Re-Cap

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The Global Leadership Summit is one of my favorite conferences and I truly believe the information shared from the speakers is top-notch. After day one, my heart and head are full and I am already feeling more refreshed and enlightened.

My three big takeaways from today were:

1. Leadership is about others. It is not about me, but about using my potential to improve others and build into others

2. Entertain the question-What does enough look like in my life?

3. Leadership is about changing the order 

Here are some additional thoughts from the day 1 speakers-

Bill Hybels- Hard Fought Leadership Lessons

  • Everything that matters in this world rises and falls on leadership
  • Leadership is deeply spiritual
  • Every single decision you make as a leader has a direct effect on the emotions and spirit of those you lead
  • God treasures people most in the world
  • People join organizations, they leave managers
  • What if we all looked at conflict as an opportunity to strengthen a relationship vs. the precursor to relationship ruin?
  • Go Figure it Out
  • Great Leadership is relentlessly developmental
  • Develop leaders with a legacy mindset
  • God has given us enormous freedom with what to do with our dash-we can live and lead safe or pursue a grander vision God will give to you
  • Have I given any real thought to what my legacy will be? What of value and beauty will I leave behind with my dash is done?
  • Develop endurance strategies to stay in the game for the long run

Carly Fiorina- Defining Leadership

  • What you are is God’s gift to you, What you make of yourself is your gift to God
  • Human potential is the only limitless resource we have in this world
  • Leadership is about changing the order of things
  • Leadership is not management
  • Jesus did not go among the poor because he felt sorry for them, He went among the poor because He saw their potential
  • Everyone has more potential then they realize, leaders are made, not born
  • Choose to lead and change the order of things
  • Choose to fulfill your own potential
  • Choose the joy of unlocking the potential in others

Jeffrey Immelt- Positioning Your Organization for the Future

  • “There has not been one moment when any job was beneath me”
  • Be all in
  • Be more of a giver than a taker
  • You want people to be on fire when they come to work
  • Leadership is an intense journey into yourself

Susan Cain- Quiet: Challenging the Extrovert Ideal

  • No such thing as a one size fits all environment
  • Solitude is a precious commodity we must restore in our organizations
  • Rethink what we mean by networking. Focus on service
  • Invite the small still voice back to our organizations
  • Have the courage to speak softly!

Bryan Loritts- Instigating Change through Personal Sacrifice

  • Drink deeply from William Wilberforce
  • We need infinitely more people who are serious about the gospel in the marketplace than in the church
  • Your vocation can become a viable venue to advance the meaningful things of life
  • The blessings of God were not meant to be hoarded, but shared
  • Our vision as leaders has to be more than the stuff that will perish
  • God’s laws are never have to, they are get to
  • God saves us as is, but never leaves us as is
  • The Bible is a transcript of God’s heart, which means I can’t claim to have God’s heart and do nothing for the least of these
  • Look at the way you lead and entertain the question of enough

Patrick Lencioni- The Most Dangerous Mistake Leaders Make

  • Don’t be a leader just to be a leader
  • When people become leaders for the wrong reason, they lose their goodness and stop caring for the people they are supposed to lead
  • The cost of people becoming leaders for themselves leaves a trail of tears
  • If people become leaders because they have calculated the ROI it is just economics
  • When we aren’t vulnerable, we lose trust with the people we lead
  • People don’t want us to perfect, they want us to be human
  • Our identity can get wrapped up in being a leader which is bad when it crowds out our other higher identities

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