Two Weeks In One Dress

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The little black dress in the Blue Mountains

This morning I did not want to put it on. I have been traveling all week and was heading off to spend 24 hours in airports. I just didn’t want to spend those hours in the dress. And then it hit me…

I was tired of feeling bland.

I love clothes and I spent the week in a city full of fashion and shopping. I was starting to look around and notice the people around me and how cute they looked in their clothes. I saw the girls with shopping bags galore and thought perhaps there is something to the muse shopping is good therapy

But thats why I started this anyways right?

To debunk the notion that I am the sum of what I own and what I wear.

To fight the advertisers that claim to be more you must buy more.

Yet after spending two weeks in the same dress I am realizing that those battles are not fought quickly. The tendency to accumulate does not die easily. The thoughts and lies and feelings I have believed for so long are deep rooted and unwilling to budge. 

I set out on this journey for six weeks and it is already feeling arduous.. I can’t imagine doing this for a whole year. (OneDressProtest) And yet, I can see now that six weeks will not be long enough to defeat the giants of consumerism and shallowness that weigh heavy on my heart. In less than four long weeks, the dress will be retired, perhaps never to be worn again, but the battle will go on-raging and back-talking every time I put those demons in their place.

What about you? Have you to been consumed by the notion that you are what you wear? 
The LBD and I with a kangaroo

Because friend, you are SO SO much more than that!

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