I Refuse

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I refuse to be told what I can and can’t do; I will make my own path
I refuse to sit still while others suffer; I will suffer with them
I refuse to let my words speak louder than my actions; I will let my actions speak loud and clear
I refuse to get stuck; I will keep pushing forward
I refuse to believe the lie that I am what I own; I am who I am
I refuse to wait for someone else to do it; I am going to do it.
I refuse to keep waiting for something to happen; I am going to go make it happen
I refuse to say an empty prayer; I will believe that there is power in my words
I refuse to to stay cold; I will let the broken break my heart 
I refuse to love only the lovable; I will love like Jesus
I refuse to live a boring life; I will seek adventure at every turn
I refuse to take the safe path; I will take risks
I refuse to walk away from the Word unchanged; I will let it change my life
I refuse to buy into trends or fads; I will act based out of conviction and purpose
I refuse to quench my passion; I will use it to change the world
I refuse to live an easy life; I will take on the challenges as they come
I refuse to shop on the backs of slaves; I will be conscious of my purchases
I refuse to buy into the mold of what society thinks I should be; I will be different.

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