Xterra Training Log Week 3

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Motivation: The reason one has for acting or behaving in a certain way

Work, tutor, coach, swim, run, sleep, repeat. That has been my schedule for the past three weeks. My weekends have included nothing by running, biking, and swimming. I even ran to the ocean and swam on a 45 minute break I had one day this week. I haven’t slept past 5:00am in a long time. 
Needless to say, I am anxious to sleep until at least 7 on Saturdays, but the sacrifice has been well worth it. In exactly one week, I will attempt and, hopefully, successfully complete my first triathlon. That is why for the past three weeks, I have done little but work and train. I have given up many hours that could have been spent at the beach or reading or relaxing for many hours of hard biking and determined swimming. 
And it’s working! My swimming is getting better. Not perfect, but better. And you have to give me some credit-I am attempting to learn in the ocean. I am more comfortable riding the trails and my knees have not been giving me problems on my runs. One week of tapering and staying loose and hopefully all the hard work will pay off.
I am slowly gaining a little confidence. Not just in my ability to swim, but in myself. This is just one obstacle that is opening the door to all kinds of others I am ready to tackle. And not tackle them with the old self-doubting girl that moved to Saipan, but with a renewed sense of adventure and determination to follow my heart. All of this from finally putting my face in the water.
This is the confidence I am taking into this last week. No worries, I am not all of sudden having dreams of winning, but confidence that I will cross that finish line. 
7 days.
156 hours. 
1 goal.
Cross the Finish Line

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