Xterra Training Log Week 2

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Saturday marked two weeks until the triathlon. It is coming quickly and I still have a steep hill to climb to be as prepared as I would like to be. I have no doubt at this point that I will finish the race and that is my only goal, however, if I could finish it in a decent time that would be kinda nice too!:)

Overall it was a good week. I was able to swim almost everyday, biked three days, and ran four. 
I am most concerned about the swim as that is my weakest area. And the tide was low all week so it was a bit frustrating to try to swim. Besides that, I struggled all week getting into a groove and still couldn’t figure it out. Finally, Saturday I met with my swimming instructor at a pool and she was able to pinpoint my problem areas. After many laps of swimming with a block between my legs, I was finally able to get my stroke and breathing down. When I swim I use my legs more than anything which will not be so good in a triathlon when I have to use my legs for the rest of the race. We also figured out if I breathe every four or five strokes I go slower and don’t get out of breath as quickly which means I can swim for longer and farther. It was a good day and I still have two weeks to get my swim in a little better shape.
Saturday I biked about 30 km up and down hills all over the island. I am trying to get my legs in better shape for climbing and I think it is working. I finished the bike and was still feeling pretty good. I am getting less and less worried about the bike. I rode some trails and will just have to be careful I don’t get overconfident. Thankfully, I am not one that has any problem getting off and walking my bike if I need to. I would rather walk some and finish in one piece!
Running won’t be a problem. I have been doing that since I came to Saipan and by the time I get to the run I figure I will be so excited, I will finish it. Plus its only a 5k which I found out is almost all road so no worries there.
As of today, I have 12 days left. Going to try to train hard this week so I can back off next-unfortunately, I have a crazy week at school so we will see how that goes. 

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