Xterra Training Log Week 1

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One week down..19 days to go!

I spent most of this week questioning my decision to enter, but nevertheless pushed forward with training. On Monday, I could swim for 3 minutes straight. Pathetic and so far from where I needed to be or need to be. But I swam and ran everyday but Wednesday. Wednesdays are my bike day because I don’t have much after school so I can get in a decent ride before dark. Thankfully it has been staying light till closer to 7 these days so I have an extra hour or so of time to train.  Friday I hit a breakthrough. I swam for 15 minutes straight. I realize this is a small feat for most of you, but considering 6 months ago I wouldn’t have swam for 10 seconds in the ocean, I was very proud of myself. I finished up the week with a decent ride down part of the Xterra trail and a 20 minute swim. I still have a steep hill to climb, but I am going to keep trucking along and hope that beyond some measure I am able to finish on race day.

Mentally, I am nervous and anxious. I am still very cautious about this swim. I am just slow and unsure of myself in the water. I am getting better and over the weekend could definitely tell I am getting more comfortable in the water in general. Today on my bike I was able to walk myself through some of the more technical side of mountain biking and stay on course. It was a huge confidence booster and I am simply trying to cross the finish line. The run will be no problem. I am not worrying in the slightest about that-its a 5k and all road I found out! My dad is sending me a camelback and I am slowly piecing together a set of instructions/items needed for transitions.  I wish my dad was here to see me and help me train, but alas this is my personal battle with the ocean and with my self-confidence. I am determined to stop doubting myself so much and this is the final battle.

Overall, week 1 was a success. Here’s to week two..gonna pick up the pace a little this week!

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