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I am in the middle of a study called “Economy of Love.” It is an excellent study done by Relational Tithe and Shane Claiborne. It is a movement to act counter-cultural and to decide to have enough. To live in a community where today we have enough. Not always everything we want, not always new clothes, cars, toys, or gadgets, but a community where everyone has enough. I am going to keep posting questions and quotes from the book because they cause you to think.

“The model of incarnation is that Jesus moved into the neighborhood. Jesus entered into the struggle, was born in the middle of a genocide (Matthew 2:16-18), and struggled through poverty and pain even up to the point of the cross. And that’s the model we are called to follow.”

Not sure you are rich? Go to and see where you are located in terms of world wealth. It might surprise you.

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