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I have been really convicted this past year about my finances. God has blessed me with so much and I have just seen ways that I waste that. Along with that, I have been doing a lot of studying on tithing in the Bible and our finances and how they should be used. This brought me to exploring other ways to tithe. I heard about an organization called Relational Tithe via a book I was reading. After many months of putting it off, I finally visited their website. Instantly I was hooked. I found a group of believers working to create a distributive economy in which everyone has what they need. This is done through relationships. Tithes are given and then doled out to people in our circles that need the money. It is a glorious picture of believers from all over coming together to meet mutual needs in light of scriptural guidance. I joined a group and have been getting to know the members. It is a blessing to have all these new friends from all over the world. I am excited for what the next six months is going to bring about in my own life and in the lives of my new friends. As we journey together exploring what it means to have enough, I know that my heart and mind are going to be challenged to give more and love more.

I can’t wait! Bring on a community where everyone has enough and needs are met on practical and relational levels.
In other news, I also got connected with a child sponsorship organization that works heavily in the area of Africa I spent a summer in. I requested a child from the village I lived in and got the most precious little girl. I am praying that Lord-willing I will be able to visit her this summer and connect personally with her and her family. Even if not, I am super excited about being able to pour back into a community that changed my life!

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