A Birthday Abroad

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That’s how old I am. I celebrated my 24th birthday 7000 miles from home on my small island. It made me realize how truly blessed I am.
Anna made cupcakes yesterday to bring to school. Something in me just couldn’t handle making my own birthday treats so we made a deal that she would make cupcakes for my birthday and then I would do the same for hers in February. They were wonderful.
This morning, I woke up to a present on my door. I had found this ring at the street market that I loved, but didn’t have any cash with me that night so I couldn’t get it. Anna, who is so thoughtful, bought it for me and gave it to me this morning.
During our morning meeting, everyone sang “Happy Birthday” and it was a nice reminder that those around me do care.
I then spent the morning with all the junior high students at Man’anko. It is a retirement facility and they played their ukes. It was so cool. I was very proud of my students. Then we got to go to McDonalds for lunch! I know it is not very healthy, but I love it! And I drank a coke. My favorite drink ever that I have given up since moving here because it is just cheaper to drink water.
The “healthy” eating continued as I went to Pizza Hut for dinner with my good friends Anna and Kayla. The lady I tutor for gave me some money for pizza which totally made my day. She has no idea how much I had been craving pizza! We split a large and I have leftovers:)
After dinner, we went to Bible study. One of the ladies had us over to her house to enjoy her REAL Christmas tree and to celebrate. It was an amazing evening. I know I say this a lot, but I don’t know what I would do without my Bible study. They constantly encourage, challenge, and love me. And I even got candles on my cake, a birthday gift and a very nice card! It was wonderful.
I got to talk to my parents twice today-at the beginning and the end. It was a wonderful treat and I am so thankful for them! God is oh so good to me!
In conclusion, I would say birthday #24 was one of the best I have in awhile, if not ever! And year #24 of life is looking pretty good too. If things go as planned, I will travel to 4 different continents:)
So bring on 24-I am so excited for this year of life!

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