Christmas is coming..

Post to Twitter’s never too early to start thinking about gifts.

I have decided that other than a few things I am going to bring back from Bali, I am buying gifts from Food for the Hungry.
You can purchase things that will drastically change people’s lives and give them hope and a future.
What a better way to spend your Christmas budget!

3 thoughts on “Christmas is coming..

  1. Amanda, I think that I was one of your little campers in 07 at lake ann. I was writing out my testamony so I can get baptized and I wanted to talk about that week I spent at camp. I was trying to figure out what year I was there and I found you. I do not know for sure if you are the right person because your picture is a flower, but do you know me? My name is Sarah Young…

  2. Sarah-yes I remember you! It was 2007. I don't know if I can help you with any more than that because all my camp stuff is at home…but if you have more questions, let me know!!

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