Dangerous Territory

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so I found a puppy. She was sitting in a ditch and I was walking home from the store. Now first of all, I am not allowed to have pets in my apartment or on the school grounds. Secondly, I live on an island with an overabundance of dogs so unfortunately this puppy is sort of out of luck. But I love her. I put her in a very safe spot and checked on her this morning. Still alive. Tonight I brought her some water-she drank three small cups. She is covered in fleas and probably not going to live much longer. But I have been reading Irresistible Revolution and it hit me. Life is about stepping into dangerous territory. Like getting attached to a puppy that I can’t keep. But here’s the thing..it’s not even about that. It’s about loving and giving. And it’s about so much more than a puppy. It’s about loving the people around us..even when it’s messy. Even when it means we may get our hearts broke. Or they may run away. Or be covered in “fleas.” Or that we may end up looking like a fool. It’s about giving away so much of ourselves that there is nothing left. Because after all, isn’t that what Christ did? He sacrificed His own life for ours. So while I am not naming the puppy, I am going to love it. And I am going to love my students with everything in me. Because life is dangerous-but that is also when life is the most rewarding.

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