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So I started a Bible study today on the Patriarchs. I have to say I think this one is going to be good. I have only finished one day of study and I am already in love with it. But God has been preparing me for this for awhile. There is within me a “holy discontent.” A frustration with the way things are and the way Christians act. I have been reading some books by some radical thinkers this semester and God is stirring within me a passion for Him and to change the world. Granted, I have always had dreams of changing the world, but slowing I am seeing God define for me where He wants my focus.

But back to the study-today we started studying the first part of Abram’s life. (before he became Abraham) And the story stuck out to me like it never has. God finds Abram in the midst of idoltry and gives him a command. Leave and go. Leave where you are and go to where I have called you. And Abram goes. He picks up his wife and follows God. The author of the study pointed out that perhaps God used Abram because He knew that Abram would go. That he would follow God’s command. I want to be that person. I want God to use me because I am willing to leave and go. The passions God is stirring within me are exciting. I am figuring out how to sort through some of my frustrations and how to make my faith MY faith. Not my parents or my churches, but mine. and my prayer as I sort everything out and seek direction is that I would have a heart that is willing to leave and go. To trust that taking the step of faith and going is all God wants. I don’t need to know all the details or plans, I simply need to be willing.

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  1. Years ago I prayed that God would make me the man He wanted me to be. I was tired of hearing christian ministers preaching different things. Didnt know who to believe. Its been twenty years and there has been much molding, breaking, shaping and pain, but its been worth it. May God bless you even more than He already has.

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