Lake Ann Camp Summer 2007

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I haven’t posted in awhile and I miss my blog so I am going to try to take it up again. I need something to escape from normality and I figured blogging might do it:)

This first post of my re-starting of my blogging is going to be about my summer. I think I could write a book about it..honestly. But a blog post will have to work and since there are probably only two of you who still read this, a book is probably overkill.

I spent my summer working as a camp counselor at Lake Ann Camp in Michigan. It is a Christian summer camp that runs 9 weeks of camp for campers ranging from 4th grade to just graduated from high school. It was the BEST experience of my life. I arrived the end of May and went through two weeks of staff training which I can assure you is the best training you could ever have. We played games every day and took field trips and went rafting..oh and learned some stuff in a classroom–but even that was fun and I learned so much about so many things. And supposedly was supposed to learn about how to be a counselor. Well, training is good..but experience is the only thing that I think can prepare you. We were assigned to a different program each week of the nine weeks of camp–I am just going to break down each week of camp.
Week 1-Senior High-the senior high program is amazing. Ken Rudolph is the speaker and he is incredible. This week I had 10 girls and they were truly a gift from God. It was my first week ever as a counselor and I was nervous. I had no idea if I was prepared for this or what this week would bring. Not to mention senior high can be the toughest program. But I learned so much about being open and vulernable with my campers and about how truely powerful God is. My guy partner for the week had a camper from Japan in his cabin who got saved Monday and by Friday decided to go back to Japan and win the country for Christ. It was pretty much amazing. Not to mention super convicting. My campers encouraged me so much and were an amazing start to my summer. oh and my team won the competition the first two days of camp–which ends with FIGHT NIGHT–a huge food fight where you pretty much get disgusting and lose your voice in the name of getting points for your team. Although I never lost my voice, plenty of my campers did.
Week 2-Junior High
Junior high is not my favorite-they are at a weird age and I had 13 this week. but God was good and several of them got saved which an amazing thing to experience–I fell in love with the gospel over the summer and with the power it has to change lives. my junior highers taught me patience each and every week. one of the things they do on the program is sleep outside under the stars-which ended up being one of my favorite things all summer. The night sky there is INCREDIBLE!
Week 3-Juniors
These are 4th and 5th graders–so cute! I had a camper who had a very hard heart which was sad to see in someone so young. But God was faithful and changed her throughout the week.
Week 4-Fresh Start
This was by far one of my favorite weeks of camp. Fresh Start is a program just for Freshman and it consists of two days at camp and three days white water rafting down the mighty Pine river–which is an oxymoron because it’s not mighty and there is no white water. but nonetheless it is a blast!! I was the only female counselor on the program this week and my six campers and I bonded closer than any other week. They taught me a lot about forgiveness and the power of the gospel. I also had so much fun with them. I miss them terribly. God taught me a lot about His greatness this week. Being outside for so much of the time makes you stand in awe of creation and of how Powerful God is.
Week 5-Senior High-This was a tough week–but God was good. my campers really opened up by the end of the week and I was up till almost 4 Friday night talking with them. It was amazing to see God’s goodness and provision for strength and energy.
Week 6- Junior High-I wanted to quit after this week. But God came through and I spent a lot of time over the weekend in prayer and in His word and was able to get re-focused and be excited about the end of the summer.
Week 7- Jump Start is a program just for sixth graders and is full of field trips!! we went to the bog..I wish I had pictures. but it is nasty! I had my first homesick campers of the summer–oh the joys of that! but I made some very close friends this week and had fun!
Week 8-Senior High-Def. one of my other favorite weeks. First of all because my partner was my now-boyfriend who is amazing. A gift from God to say the least. But beyond that my campers were girls that I would really relate to and talk to on a level that I hadn’t experienced before. They opened up and encouraged me. I also had the opportunity to lead one of my campers to the Lord after a week long battle with Satan…it was the moment that will stand out for the rest of my life.
Week 9- Junior High-a good way to end out the summer-I had several campers get saved and a great group of girls. and I saw 4 shooting stars!!

Overall, I learned several big things. First, prayer is a powerful tool that Christians don’t utilize enough. I saw it work daily in my life and in the lives of my fellow counselors and campers. It is the thing that we all need more of in our lives. If we could get a grip on how powerful it is, we could change the world! Second, I learned that living for Christ is the best, most exciting way to live. I have no doubt I could have made more money working elsewhere, but the rewards of serving Christ in ministry FAR exceed the costs. I made some amazing friends and have memories I will take with me to the grave. It is what I want to do with my life-whatever minisitry that ends up being I know I want to serve Christ and win people to the Lord. Third, my eyes were opened to the power of the Gospel. I saw it week after week change lives in drastic ways. By the end of the summer we had seen 422 campers get saved. Thats 422 more people that will be in Heaven and that will make an impact on this world. I also realized how much I desire for none to perish. This is the message the world needs!!!

I could keep going, but if your still reading, you are probably ready to be done:). God is amazing-camp was awesome and if you ever want to hear me rant some more about it..just call!

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