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Have you ever thought about what you are doing with your life? How you are living every moment? Do you think about the people watching you? Do you even care? Is it all about me and how I feel?? Are Christians raising the banner of Christ high or are we smashing His work on the cross to a mere religion that no one else wants to follow?

I got a really neat job this summer, but I must say it has opened my eyes to one major flaw with Christianity. We far too often lose our witness to unsaved people because we do stupid things. I work with the coolest people, but half of them aren’t Christians. Mind you they are some of the awesomest people I know and it saddens me to know they aren’t going to spend eternity in Heaven (At least not at this point), but honestly I don’t blame them. The only Christian’s they have been exposed to besides my mom and I have been rude, have ruined marriages, live lives of selfish indulgence, and are far worse people then they are. Why in the world would they want to be a Christian?

I am not perfect by any sense of the word, but it has given me so much motivation to be on my toes and make sure I am always being kind and watching what I say and do–you seriously never know who’s watching you and who might not become a Christian because of something you do. And it kills me that my ability to witness to them has been reduced to zero because other “Christians” who have come before me and burned the bridge. Maybe it’s the receptionist on the phone or the waiter at dinner or the guy at the checkout line in the grocery store..your five minutes of interaction could be enough to deter them from Christ. Or maybe it’s your decision to drink, cuss, smoke, have sex, live like you you give others a second thought? Or are you too consumed in your Christian liberty and your time schedule that you have to be rude, cater to your needs, and do what you want. Even if that means abandoning biblical principles.

So think about it..Christ commanded us to go out into all the world and make disciples. (Matt 28) Are we doing that? Or are we squandering our mission to satisfy our sinful desires and selfish tendencies? I am going to work on this as I continue to reach out to the people I work with and in the fall my college campus–will you?

Just a thought..

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  1. Yeah, I totally agree with you. I go through the same thing at both jobs. There are two people at Mulhaupts that will wilingly admit to going to church and are even going on a missions trip…but they are no different than anyone else. And it hurts me because my co workers say "Oh theyre Christians? Theyre no better than me." And I just want to yell at them all and say "NO! thats not what we are like we are different I promise." But sadly…we will always have those people. All we can do is pray and live as we know we should. Never give up hope. You may be the person that shows them what a real Christian is.

  2. Great post! I think this all the time. What a crock of a christian I am. We are def. squandering our mission to satisfy our sinful desires and selfish tendencies.

  3. Somehow we always end up thinking the same thing at relatively the same time:)When I look around I see the "christians" trying to dodge work, cheat to get by, have sex (talk about it all the time), drink, cuss and generally act like everyone else. I'm ashamed for them and angry at the same time that they would desecrate my and hopefully their saviour's name.
    But when I take two seconds to stare in the mirror I see my own life my own failure, my own inconsistency, my own tainted reality and I am ashamed of how I've desecrated my Father's name. In that moment is the turning point and in that moment lies the opportunity to become who we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to be, soldiers. So rise up and take your sword because a failed testimony does not mean that you are finished it only means that you are at the beginning again because if you change your lifestyle they will see and believe.

  4. it makes me weep bitterly to think of how many people i have ruined my testimony with and how many people all over the world who will be in eternal suffering not because they didn't listen but because we didn't portray Christ. it makes me wonder how God could forgive us and accept us into Heaven if we don't spread the good. thanks a lot for the reminder, amanda!! i really needed it as i'm starting my first job with unsaved people!

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