Senior Trip ’05

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Deserves a book, not just a post..but since I only have a post and limited time this will have to do. First of all, I just have to say I love my class! They are seriously some of the coolest people you will ever meet. I got to know a lot of them a lot better and it was awesome. Things you never knew about people until you live with them or spend 12 hours on a bus with them. I also must say I am going to miss them so much next’s hard to think we are graduating soon and never again will I see all of them in one place at one time.. but enough of the sad moment..

There were so many memories made..who will ever forget Brittany’s good morning routine..haha..:) Well, actually-other then Jordan and Rebecca no one will remember it.. I laughed so many times so hard.. My class is hilarious..but you can all ask us about the funny moments if you want.

God taught me so much on the senior trip..and you all should def. look forward to is awesome!! one of the things I learned was the importance of not letting failure get you down. Your whole life people will point out your failures, but the righteous man falls 7 times and gets back the key is to get up! I also realized how many freedoms I have and how often I take them for granted. So many men and women died for me to live in the land of the free and so often I don’t do anything about it.

well..enough for now, i must move to more important things like finding a hairstyle for…ugh..

love ya all


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