The greatest lesson I’ve learned this year..(ec)

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Wow-the greatest lesson I’ve learned. That’s a tough one-I don’t honestly know if I can narrow it down to just one lesson. I mean..can you really pick out the greatest lesson you’ve learned. I will give it my best effort. I think the greatest lesson I have learned this year is..(drum roll please:))…trusting God is always best. It may seem like a simple lesson, but too many times this year I have taken things in my own hands and seen great consequences from it. Too many times I have tried to chart my own course, only to end up lost and without a road map. But God has been faithful and steered me back onto His path. I can think of relationships, decisions, and even simple things that God has used to point me closer to Him. I am very thankful for them..even though they weren’t easy, I know now that waiting on God is best. Even if I don’t enjoy the wait-He always has something better in store. I learned another lesson..this one not quite so spiritual..(forgive me for having two..but I could go on forever with lessons I’ve learned) I have learned the importance of my friends! I love them..I seriously think I have some of the coolest friends around. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. As I think about heading off to college, the thought of leaving them behind to move on and find new friends kills me. I don’t even think about it cuz it makes me cry.. I have three of the best girl friends anyone could ask for..I go to them with everything. We have the weirdest conversations-but man, am I thankful. I would be in the dark about so many things if not for them…and not to mention, I would not be as far along spiritually as I am. They convict and challenge me daily..and I love them for it. As I think about embarking on a new chapter in life, I am super excited..but I will miss them forever…they have a place in my heart that won’t be easily filled..

Just a thought..

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