If I could be someone else for a day..(ec)

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I don’t know if I would..

First of all, I have no idea who I would want to be. I think it might be kinda fun to be someone famous-you know, live in Hollywood, and have a huge bank account at arm’s reach. But since I only have a day, I don’t think I would want to even taste that because then I would just want more of that lifestyle. Sometimes I wish I could be someone else just so I could get in their head-but would if I were someone else, wouldn’t it be my thoughts in their body? (I know I’m thinking about this way to hard..) God made me who I am-imperfections and all..and while sometimes I wish I was so-and-so, I think I am happy just being me. I think even if I had the opportunity I would turn it down. I don’t think I could ever decide who I wanted to be and honestly, just wouldn’t want to be anyone else.

Just a thought..


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