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I’m currently reading The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer. It’s a really good book, but I read something today that struck me.

“But we must avoid the common fault of pushing the “other world” into the future. It is not future, but present.”

The “other world” is heaven and he was talking about how if we truly want to seek God we much be other worldly. But so many times in my life, I view this life and the next as two different things. I don’t take a lot of time to consider that the decisions I make in this life carry over. Heaven is not only in the future, it is also in the present. As a Christian, my decisions and actions should be based on a heaven-focused outlook, but so many times they are not. So many times I have a here-and-now focus. I plan for right now, not for eternity. How different would life be if we changed our focus? How many more people would be in the kingdom of heaven if each of us viewed everyone with an eternity focus. How harder would we work? How much more would we study and pray? I know I would do more..

Just a thought..


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