Friends Are A Blessing

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Have you ever taken a moment to ponder the blessings of God? Taken a minute to see how truly rich we are. Honestly, I had an awful day today..I felt horrible and have made some decisions that have put me in several rough situations. But I was walking out from school and after chatting with one of my friends for a minute, I realized how blessed I am. I have a school that rocks..I have teachers that actually care, which means a lot. And I have the most amazing set of friends..yeah, we go through the ups and the downs..but they always seem to forgive and forget..and are always encouraging me. Mr. Grass shared a verse with us this morning in bible class-Prov. 17:17, “A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity.” I know that verse-I have memorized it on several various occasions..but I never took the time to actually think about what it was saying. A friend loves at all times..not some of the time, not when it’s convenient, but at ALL times. Now that’s not always the easiest thing..there are times I don’t want to love some of my friends..but that’s how a friend acts-they love at all times. But I think the part of the verse that really stuck out to me was the last part. I always read that verse and thought, yeah my brother has caused a lot of adversity in my life. But, it stuck out differently today..mind you..I have no biblical backing for this, it’s just my opinion..I have gone through serveral times of adversity in my life..and my brothers and sisters in Christ have always been made me think, perhaps that’s part of what friends are be there in the hard times. To stick it through in the thick and the thin. Maybe they are born to help me through my adversity, not to cause adversity. Regardless, I am so thankful for them..and so sad I have such little time left..

Just a thought..


4 thoughts on “Friends Are A Blessing

  1. Amanda – I like your thoughts on friendship – I have to speak on friendship this week to a group in the netherlands – I may just use that verse! Good to drop in – I will be back! – Dan Meyers

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