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“Every moment of every minute of every day is to be filtered through the reality that God is ever-present.” -Pastor Doug

This morning in chapel Pastor Doug spoke to us about faith. Faith is one of those words you always hear about, but don’t often take the time to figure out what it really means. He said the quote above and it stuck with me. It got me thinking about how different my day would be if that were true of my life. If I lived my life according to that, what would be different about how I viewed my day. The first thing that popped into my mind was that I would probably never have a bad day. Since I usually complain about having a bad day due to circumstances in my life, living in view that God is ever-present would change that. I also thought that it would change my view on the conversations I have with my friends. Since God is ever-present He is sitting there, listening to every one of them. Would that be enough to change my topic, enough to get me to stop talking about that person who made me mad or the thing they said..I certaintly hope so! I think it would also change the way I act in class..since God is ever-present, He’s watching me. He sees me talk out and say things I shouldn’t. I realized that this is no not a part of my daily life, most of the time..I do my devotions and come to school, forgetting all that God has taught me. I get caught up in the petty things and long to hear the latest gossip. I don’t live based on a view that God is ever-present. But as Pastor Doug put it, Thursday is coming. The time when I will have to put into actions what I say I believe. I believe God is ever-present, it’s time I start living my life based on that. Based on that reality..even if it means giving up some things I think are so important. And I challenge you, are you living your life in view that God is ever-present? Do you think about the fact that He is with you throughout your entire day? I think it’s time we all started living like that.

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