The Dance

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The Dance

Alone on a stage I stand

Desperatly trying to fill another’s shoes

Wearing costumes and masks, trying to hide

And fit into their ideas of “cool”

As I perform a dance that is not my own

I try to keep up with the music,

But it changes all too fast

Their cheers turn to jeers and

I get lost all to quickly and stumble over my clumsy feet

Trying to dance a dance that is not my own

One in the audience watches

Longing for me to finish, longing for me to take off the mask

He sits through all my performances

He knows the music is all wrong and

The dance is not my own

Quietly He calls out to me

Softly He compels me to leave this stage

He knows there is another where I can be my own

So quietly He asks me to walk away from

This dance that is not my own

I gather up all my costumes and lay them at His feet

I surrender to try His dance

I know His way is always right,

“Teach me the steps, O Lord, show me the way,

Help me learn this dance that is all my own.”

But the world’s stage is enticing

Promising popularity and success

I find that I long for the noise,

The fake applause and shallow cheers

I seem to think it is easier to dance

The dance that is not my own

So, I put on my mask and head back out,

Only to be laughed at and teased once again

I keep dancing, trying to fit my steps to the music

Trying so hard to dance this

Dance that is not my own

Frustrated I surrender once more

I head back to His studio to try again

His loving arms welcome me in

And as He turns on His music, my feet start to move

A small smile spreads across His face, as He sees me dance

A dance that is all my own

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