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I have to say I love all my friends..each and every one of you hold a special place in my life! You have all been there and have challenged me to grow and change. Although we may have had our rough moments, you have truly shown me the meaning of sticking with things. You have forgiven me and shown me that I too must also forgive. I have learned something from watching each one of you and have realized how truly blessed I am to be surrounded by so many Godly friends. My junior class..I love you! Seeing how much we have grown up has been a journey. I am so thankful for you..for the ways you have been an encouragement and have forced me to grow. I cherish all the memories..the good and the sad..I pray that as each of us grow up there is one thing that stays-our love for God! To the rest of my friends-whether you be at church, or just in different classes..I am equally thankful for you. I will never forget some of you..of the times we’ve shared..whether in BQT or on trips to the Wilds or many other memorable occasions. Keep growing in the Lord. Thank you all for your support, for your friendship, and for you examples. You will never know how much each of you mean to me! I pray for you all regularly and hope you continue down the road of the righteous.

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