Snow Camp

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Snow Camp..

The last three days..Thursday through church, along with two fellow churches headed up to Michigan for snow camp. Those of you who did not have the priviledge to go, you missed out! It was so much fun! We headed out at 8 on the first..which in my opinion was too early for the day after New Year’s Eve..but that’s all right. Chinese fire drills are the best I must say. Our theme was out of the zone, and I must say I was challenged on so many levels. God showed me many many areas that I needed to grow and change in. Friday we went skiing..and although there wasn’t much snow, it was a blast. I made some new friends, strengthened the old, and we all had fun laughing at whoever took a fall..kelly wins with her run into the pole:) We stayed up late one was so much fun! All in all, it was probably one of the funnest trips I’ve ever taken. The rides up and back were right up there in the best parts..

*I love you more..*

*I have discovered I am the slowest skier in the world*

*Chinese fire drills*

*I’ve been there…*


*Three o’clock in the morning pranks..*

*Tickle Fights*

*Rausch and ya girls:)*

*Jana..she was the best driver ever.*

*and I could go on and on, but I’ll leave you here*

You should all come next year..hopefully there will be more snow, but nonetheless it was a blast!!!!

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