Guys and Girlfriends

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Guys and Girlfriends..

If there is one thing in this world that doesn’t mix it’s guys and girlfriends. I have been on both ends of this..and I can tell you, no matter how many promises you make, they don’t mix. “I’d never choose a guy over you they say” and I have in fact said this myself. But once you start to like a guy and find the feeling is mutual, things are never the same. Oh, they may think it is..but the only thing they talk about is this guy. And instead of wanting to hang out with you on their open Friday nights, they want to hang out with that guy. And the worst part, is they think they are treating you the same. They still think things are peachy. And as much as I love hearing about my friend’s love lives, it gets old really quick. And please, don’t think I’m jealous..because I am not in the least. I could tell my own saga of guys to them, but I have chosen to focus on my savior.

I have given into the battle and I admit defeat. I know I am probably giving up to easily..but I’m not fighting for my friends’ attention. Too much is at stake. I’ll still be here if and when that guy breaks their heart..but sometimes actions are irreversible. I learned that lesson the hard way..and I still am working at rebuilding friendships I ruined all for a guy who could care less. but I know, they all think they have found the one. They think this is the key to their happiness. But let me tell isn’t. And I wish you could see that. But like the defeated foe goes home from battle, shoulders drooping, eyes full of pain and anger-I too am walking away.

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