A poem

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A poem..

The time has come

The time is now

To seize the day

To stand for One

Come boy, Come girl

Come man and woman

See the baby born this day

Share the news

Shout round the world

Jesus Christ is born today

He comes for all to save

Eternal life to give,

Free for all who choose to take

Join the chorus ringing out

“Peace to all” this Christmas

A greater hope must be found

For rags and dust are all the world can give

Riches and glory will be found

In that eternal dwelling place

Search for the babe

Find His love, and rest in His comfort

To all He brings an everlasting hope

Yours to take and ours to share

Go, Run round the world

Telling all of the Messiah

Seize the day

Tomorrow may be too late

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