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This week is exam week, and that means half days or 1/4 of days! Today I finished school at 9:20..and Eve came home with me for a bit. We are crazy silly together..and so that was fun! A smoothie and some jibberish later we went back to school to get Brittany and Taylor. We went to Culver’s to times again! We came back to the school again..something your not supposed to do!:) Kelly, Eve and I headed off to the mall..broke. But we had so much was good to be able to just have fun and not worry about the rest of life. We tried on prom dresses..and I have officially decided they do not fit me:) Heavens’ knows what I’ll do when jr./sr. rolls around! LOL

I saw my old neighbor, which was cool. And I should be studying..I promise, after tomorrow I’ll write something that doesn’t end with, I should be studying:) Good luck on the rest of your finals!!

I’m out..


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