Odds and Ends

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Odds and Ends

Today was the first day of finals, and my birthday! All my hard ones are over..yay!! Not much else..

Last night was the survivor finale..Sandra won. Not the person whom I wanted, but still she deserved it more than the other person. Jon was finally voted off…I can’t believe how far he made it. Just shows the sinfulness of our culture..and the acceptance of wrong as right. I wish D had won..she was my favorite person on the show! But hey, she got super far and will probably still get some modeling jobs out of the deal! I am a die hard survivor fan!! So now, my Thursdays are going to be lonely..but there is another season coming sometime!! Who will the new contestants be? What will they be like? Ah..the questions! But I will leave you all..since I’m probably the only person who actually cares:)

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