A Lesson Learned From Cheerleading

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A Lesson Learned From Cheerleading..

We had a game tonight..we won too! But we finally got an extension..which for those of you who are cheerleading illiterate, it is a really hard stunt..but anyways, we did one at the beginning of the game and it went perfect..then we tried doing two more and I fell out of both of them. I don’t know why sometimes I can stick a stunt and sometimes I can’t..but I guess that’s the way I am. I’ll learn, hopefully. But I was thinking tonight as I got up..embarrassed about falling out of the stunt. When I’m up there, my whole body is dependant upon Kayla and Eve’s arms..I’m up in the air-on top of their 4 hands, and that can be scary if you think about it. Sometimes we drop the stunts, and although I haven’t gotten hurt from any of it, it still shakes you up a little. But you get back up and try again..back to what I was thinking..there are a lot of parallels to our spiritual life. The first thing that came to my mind was..I’m so glad God is the one holding my life and not Kayla and Eve..no offense to them, but even if my knees bend or I lean forward..God’s got me. He will never let me fall..and that is a cool thought. Then I was thinking about my own spiritual walk..the times in my life when I’ve been so in love with God…and the times I haven’t. I realized that in those times when I was struggling..I was relying on human strength to carry me through. I was leaning on other people and going to them for advice and encouragement. It’s like in a stunt..I’m relying on my bases..but if I bend my knees, I’m going to fall. They aren’t strong enough to hold me up. So it goes in my walk with God..if I rely on people-they fail..at some point, they can’t hold me up..they aren’t there..but if I put my trust in God-He’s always there..kinda like staying on the floor. I’m not usually worried about the floor under my feet caving in..so I’m not worried about God all of a sudden not being there..

I have learned many more lessons from cheerleading..but I have to go do my homework..

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