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Have you ever stood back and looked around at all the holiday bustle and business December brings? Have you ever looked beyond the anticipation of Christmas day to the bigger meaning of December? In just a few weeks the greatest birth that ever took place is going to be celebrated! Just think, if Christmas had never happened, we would be wretched sinners headed for hell with no hope of heaven. But our merciful, loving God decided to rescue us in our sad, desperate state and sent His only son to die for us. How would you like it if tomorrow your dad told you, Son (or daughter), your purpose on life is to die. I know I wouldn’t be all too happy, and I wouldn’t act like Jesus did. The decorations are great, the food is always delicious, opening presents is always fun, but there is something so much greater. There is a birthday that should be celebrated first, and a savior who should be worshipped above all.

So, amidst all the fun and excitement of Christmas, don’t forget the real reason of the season. Don’t let your heart become hardened to the greatest message of all time. Although this Christmas I know I am going to heaven, there are far more people who will spend this Christmas headed on a path to burn in hell.

Just something to think about…

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